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The B and W Red Carpet Door to Door Service!
This class is good for the young teen that just got their learner's permit and the parents would like some lessons before they start driving with them, or a driver W/LIMITED driving experience this course is designed to help you. You will practice steering, parking, learning road/street driving, how to read and negotiate road signs and regulations. Should you require more comprehensive learning - ask about upgrading to the 10 hour course! (Some restrictions may apply).

II.    BASIC COURSE     6-HOURS       3-  2 hour Lessons            
III.    INTERMEDIATE COURSE 10-HOURS    5-  2 hour Lessons       

If you have had LITTLE or NO supervised practice, and lack someone to practice with, or have limited time to practice between lessons, this course is designed to help you. Our Florida state licensed in-car instructors teach students of any age the techniques and defensive driving strategies needed in order to handle today's road conditions. You will practice controlling the car, steering, parking, proper use of mirrors and more. This course includes highway driving practice* (*must meet certain qualifications*).  The last 2 lessons are very focused on defensive driving.
IV.    REFRESHER COURSE 3-HOURS   1-  3 hour Lesson  
If you already know how to drive and still don't feel quite prepared for the road test at the DMV, this 1 lesson course from our Orlando driving school is a good choice for you! The instructor will focus the lessons on what is expected when you attempt the Road Test, Add Optional Road Test    Call for pricing. 407.292.5966

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Add Optional Road Test    Call for pricing. 407.292.5966

Add Optional Road Test    Call for pricing. 407.292.5966

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Add Optional Road Test    Call for pricing. 407.292.5966

Please contact us at 407-292-5966 for a price quote. We do not publish prices due to the dynamic nature of the driving school business. Gas prices flucuate as does our insurance as well as the demand for our services. Student location is also a factor. Save money by clicking here to see our packages that start and end here at the driving school.
If you don't see a package that fits your needs, please feel free to contact us at 407.292-5966.We can custom tailor a package to fit your special needs. Call Today!  CALL 407.292.5966